Wednesday, February 20, 2013

year 2

This year for our anniversary Craig and I decided to spend a day in Cleveland celebrating. After all, we live in a great city - no need to travel anywhere else to do something out of the ordinary!

We started out the day having brunch at a place called Luxe in Ohio City. Tasty food can be had in really interesting and lovely surroundings.
This photo of our coffee cups makes me smile. Craig doesn't usually drink coffee (he tries to stay away from caffeine) but he did that morning because he knows how much I love drinking coffee with him. It's such a simple joy to drink a cup of coffee with someone and I loved that he ordered it just to bless me. :)

After brunch we headed out to the art museum, taking a quick stop at Rockefeller Greenhouse. It's free and open to the public every day, 10-4. Such a refreshing spot, especially in chilly winter!

From there we headed to the Cleveland Museum of Art. They've been doing some serious renovating and I haven't been in ages so it felt like visiting the museum for the first time. Wandering around all that beautiful art is such a re-fueling exercise.
There's a bright, expansive indoor courtyard in the middle of the museum. Shows the connection between the original building and the newer buildings. 

I love this chair. Someday I'll own one.

After leaving the museum we stopped at Edison's Pub in Tremont for drinks and to play pool (one of Craig's favorite pastimes). Lots of fun!

The day ended with this ridiculously tasty chocolate cake from Giant Eagle, Mario Kart and pizza ordered in. 

I love my husband.
I love my city.
I love having fun in your neck of the woods.

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