Wednesday, February 6, 2013

throwing a side table a bone

Side table from a friend + paint leftover from our apartment living room = a darn cute table.

I'd been delaying doing this project for a couple months. I knew I'd feel really accomplished and delighted when I finally painted the table (instead of bored and uninspired as I had been feeling whenever I saw the table) but still, I waited.

So finally a couple weeks ago I dug in. I hate sanding and I think that's part of what delayed me - but hey, I survived. And I love the end product (even though when I first finished I had to ask my sisters 7 times if they really thought I'd made the right color choice. Thanks for the reassurance Mo & Annie...I like it now). I also love the fact that I used the color from our apartment living room. We really loved our apartment and it was our first home together - so seeing the color brings up happy memories.

Enough jabbering - here's the visuals.

go paint something!

oh and a few tidbits:
-sanding is important. if you don't rough up the surface the paint doesn't adhere well and will be kinda sticky after and never feel completely dry - we made that mistake with Craig's dresser & our bed frame...laziness doesn't pay off, friends.
-a small roller put the paint on more effectively & evenly. however for the final coat my husband recommended using a brush - so I did. he says it makes a better finished look.
-this took 3 coats to cover fully
-have patience. let each coat dry fully before you start the next. you'll be glad you did.

NOW go paint something!

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