Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jean Jackets

I was about to post this on facebook...but then I figured I'd offend too many people on there. Since only a few people read this blog this seemed the better route to go. :)
(No one likes a facebook rant anyway).

Here goes...

I wish jean jackets didn't exist. I just don't dig 'em.

And I wish Gap would stop featuring them in sales emails like they're awesome. Cause Gap, they're not. But I still love you, Gap. For always.

Whew, good to get that said.

p.s. - if you wear a jean jacket - you're awesome. I'll just never ask to borrow it. Win, win really!


  1. haha! i'm not sure if we can be friends any more since i am your jean jacket nemesis! ;)))

  2. haha! so true - we both know you admittedly rock 'em good! ;)...and so many people do! ;) I just can't get behind the style. I can't. Do you watch New Girl? I just keep hearing Jess say "I rock a lot of polka dots."

  3. hahaha!i love the concept of jean jackets and i even have one, but i always wear jeans, and i don't want to do the denim suit! plus the jean jacket hasn't fit since college, so it doesn't really matter!

    1. ah - the denim suit! Anne wears it all the time on purpose to torture me! :)

  4. agreed katie! i was just shopping with a friend this week, telling her that i've never owned one and don't think i ever will! (keep me accountable on that :)


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