Thursday, January 17, 2013

hey, get organized!

I have some ideas for more regular blogging. I really thrive under a schedule and planning.
I plan to post Monday-Friday (who remembers to blog on the weekends?)
The following 10 topics will be in the rotation:
1. a new recipe (this will challenge me to keep trying new recipes. so domestic.)
2. Favorite pins from the last couple weeks.
3. Interior design - this can be a color theme, images of one room type, a favorite designer, tips & tricks - you get the idea.
4. DIY project - one I've done OR more likely one I've found & want to try or have tried. There's a plethora of DIY's out there and rather than pretend I'm half as talented as many of the people putting them out, we'll just benefit from their genius.
5. FONTS. A new one every time. Fonts are (or you can actually find lots of awesome free fonts on Really you can.)
6. Etsy finds - a new shop/favorite items.
7. Book or movie review. I love to read and I love to watch movies. I'll gladly share my opinion on both. Lucky world!
8. A quote and a song! (can be had for a song and a dance.)
9. "about me" posts. let's get to know me, shall we?
10. Photo challenge - this one might show up more often in the mix. Maybe at least once weekly? Sometimes the daily challenges are downright exhausting.

There's the plan. Now you know as much as I do.
Sorry for making my list into a blog post. But that's the beauty of having a blog - you can do whatever you want. Maybe I won't build an audience - but it sure is fun to look back on old posts and remember what my life was like at that point. :)

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